15. Arrondissement (Vaugirard)

ID 37051
Koordinaten 48,8412 2,3003
Ortstype P.PPL A City, Town, Village, Or Other Agglomeration Of Buildings Where People Live And Work. Quelle: https://www.geonames.org/ontology/ontology_v3.3.rdf
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PMB-URI https://pmb.acdh.oeaw.ac.at/entity/37051/
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Start End Other relation type Related Person
1894-01-10 Sterbeort von Jacques Claude Demogeot, Jacques
1920-11-13 Sterbeort von Merson, Luc-Olivier
1922-02-10 Sterbeort von Mounet, Paul
1937-12-03 Sterbeort von Ponchon, Raoul


Start End Other relation type Related Place
gehört zu Paris
gehört zu Frankreich